A land between the hills and the seaside.

The plane is enclosed between the Tuscan hills and the sea. Not many coastal strips in Italy can offer such a wealth of interesting sites so close by: The area is surrounded by beautiful medieval cities and archaeological sites from Etruscan and Roman times.


The Maremma has a rich culinary tradition which is closely related to our wine culture. During your stay you will have plenty of possibilities to discover the treasures of our local Mediterranean cooking and of the DOC-wines of this areaSusanna and Vanni are happy to suggest places to visit, and they know many an angle of the Maremma that is less touristy but still more than worth visiting.


The coast of the Maremma is known for its pine tree forests that shelter the long sandy beaches or little bays with crystal-clear water from the inland. Many of the beaches offer public baths. But you will also find lonely beaches in natural parks or on protected islands and lovely medieval coastal towns.

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